Tencel modal, our fiber of choice


The botanical Origin of Tencel Modal

Tencel Modal is produced by Austrian manufacturer Lenzing Group. Lenzing Group has been producing wood-based fibers for over 80 years. Tencel Modal fibers are principally produced from the renewable raw material beech wood. Beech wood is sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries. The Tencel Modal fiber is biodegradable and compostable under industrial home, soil and marine conditions, therefor being able to fully return back to nature.  

Lenzing has numerous innovations that have been integrated in their production of Tencel Modal fibers in order to make the process environmentally friendly. They aim to safeguard resources for future generations by the use of renewable energy and by the recovery of process chemicals.

Smooth to the touch, soft to the skin

The are many great benefits of TENCEL™ fibers, the first characteristics you notice is the natural soft hand-feel, the smooth touch and the cooling feel to the skin. This combined with a luxurious shine makes Tencel a great fiber for intimates.

Thanks to the fibers wood-based origin and sleek cross-section, the softness is long lasting even after repeated washes. The fibers are able to withstand more repeated washes and dry cycles compared to cotton. Measurements and evaluations of softness show that Tencel Modal fibers are twice as soft as cotton.
Vibrant Colors

The smooth surface of Tencel allows color dyes to be absorbed and penetrate deeply into the fiber structure resulting in vibrant colors that don’t fade over time. This also means that the colors are less likely to fade over time even after repeated washes.


TENCEL™ Modal fibers are certified with the internationally recognised EU eco label. This certification is an environmental quality label awarded to products which have a considerably low impact through their entire lifecycle. The production of TENCEL™ Modal fibers help to preserve the environmental balance by following nature's cycle. The fibres come from the renewable raw material beech wood created by photosynthesis. The fibre has been certified by Begian certification company Vinçotte as biodegradable and compostable. 











Breathable & Moisture Wicking

The Tencel modal cellulosic fibers naturally manages the absorption and release of moisture contributing to its breathable characteristic and supporting the body’s natural thermal regulation. This makes a less favorable environment for bacterial growth resulting in a good hygienic fabric suitable for intimates. In comparison to polyester, synthetics and even cotton there is less available moisture formed on the surface of the fibers.  

The cool touch of the fabric combined with the moisture whickering element help your skin feel pleasantly cool and dry throughout the day, leaving you feeling Bare.