Bare Stockholm was founded during the fall of 2019 by Felicia Bladh and Rebecka Lidenwall. The idea came out when they started talking about underwear and sustainability, the frustration of never finding underwear that was both comfortable, long-lasting, beautiful and sustainably produced. They didn't want to compromise on design, quality or the environmental aspects and decided to start their own underwear brand that ticked all the boxes. During the spring of 2020 the last bit of the puzzle was found in Iman Malmberg and the trio was complete. "We all share the same ambition to be able to offer underwear made by women for women through Bare". 

Our goal with Bare is to change the way underwear is made. We want to enable women to buy less but better underwear by offering products that are of high quality and that will ultimately last longer. Underwear is not a product that can go to the second hand market and we've been thinking about how to best solve this issue. We've come up with a circular shopping experience, where the products that our Barers buy can be returned to us at the end of their life cycle. We then make sure to recycle the fabrics by separating the fibres and giving them a second life. 

We chose to manufacture in Portugal, close to home, to reduce the impact of long transportation and to be able to oversee the production process. Our packaging, label and trim suppliers are also located in Europe to minimize our carbon footprint. We only work with suppliers and manufacturers who share our commitment to quality, clean production processes and sustainability. The result is a premium quality product.

Our collection is inspired by the strong women of today and their everyday needs. Women that put themselves first and demand quality, comfort and durability from their underwear. That is the definition of being a ”Barer". Our product is made with durable, natural and eco-friendly fibres with many great properties such as moisture management, thermal regulation and hindering bacterial growth. Our design is uncomplicated inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, with a fit that shapes after your body for maximum comfort.

Meet the Bare team