Bare Women's Series: Mateatme

For the latest article in the Bare Women’s Series in collaboration with Intercru, photographer Mateatme did a self-portrait shoot with some of Bare’s latest products. She also talked about self-confidence and what an empowered woman is.


An empowered woman is self-aware. It is a woman who accepts herself no matter what the circumstances are. A woman who loves herself so much that she can radiate that energy and share it with others who might be in need. She is free, her energy is contagious- like a magnet.

It is a woman who shares and gives. She sees the beauty all around, especially in little things that bring so much joy and happiness. An empowered woman has a loving heart, a beautiful mind, and a deep soul, she takes care of her body and her mind. She is not afraid to walk through the burning ashes with her bare feet.

An empowered woman is the one who is curious, open, and has no fear to lift the weight of this world on her shoulders. She feels so connected with herself and that what surrounds the flowers start blooming from her wounds. I would love to be this kind of woman one day.

Mateatme wearing the Sand colored Adele Bra and Lea Brief

Photography is my liberating practice. It is like a meditation that sets me free. I want to make others feel what I feel, rather than just to see a pretty picture. I want to encourage people to reconnect with nature and with themselves. To be vulnerable is not a weakness, it is a strength. The same goes with kindness, being sensitive and emotional. At least I believe so. Be yourself, there is nothing to hide, there is nothing more beautiful.

That is what I want to accomplish. Acceptance and self-love, while starting a conversation not only about the polished things but to dig deeper and embrace ourselves to the most. Acceptance is a change and that sudden change is like a blooming flower opening its petals just right in front of your starving eyes.

Mateatme wearing the Thrush colored Adele Bra and Lea Brief

To feel comfortable in your skin takes time and practice. It is not for everyone to comprehend or like it, but once you do, there is nothing you would rather have in this world. That is what being comfortable in your skin means to me. Feeling that takes time to embrace. We were not born lowing ourselves unconditionally. It takes time until it matures like good cheese or wine. It is like good food or sex. Once you try it, you cannot go back to casual. You would rather try it once in your life than never at all.

It would be too good to say that I am a very confident person. I am still learning how to love myself and how to accept myself for who I am. It is a never-ending journey, just like self-discovery; it may take all your life. There are things I feel confident about, but on the other hand, there are things that make me shy away and it is so hard to overcome. It is natural I believe. One thing I know for sure, while practice makes it perfect, being surrounded by like-minded people is the best medicine. I try to learn by identifying my repetitive negative patterns while trying to shift them. I feel it makes me become a better person. No one is truly perfect, but the sooner you befriend your dark side, the sooner you can work on that what is important.