Bare Women's Series: Johanna Punz

“An empowered woman to me is a woman who listens, teaches, spreads her opinion and does whatever the fuck she feels like doing”


My main purpose as a model and content creator is to inspire other people. I want to transport feelings with the medium of art.

At shootings, you can’t hide your personality or your body because that’s what makes you a model. You express your personality through posing and your body is being photographed. It would immediately show if a model doesn’t feel confident.

I think self-confidence shows in so many ways. You can be confident in practicing your job, you can be confident in your body, you can be confident in doing your hobby...the list goes on and on. I think self-confidence is more of a feeling that evolves though time. Building self-confidence is a process and it doesn’t just happen overnight. So here is my attempt to define self-confidence: Self-confidence is the feeling of having trust in yourself and the things you’re doing. It’s the feeling of being convinced of yourself.



I am so grateful that I am a very confident person. I think that this confidence lies in my nature and grew a lot when I found my passion for modeling. Maybe this is because I’m a Leo? I don’t know haha.

The minute I stopped caring about what other people thought was the first time I was fully convinced of my work. I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate people liking my art, but they wouldn’t like it if I wouldn’t be confident about it.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is definitely not about being happy with who you are 24/7. A great start, though, is to not talk yourself down all the time and not taking any chance you get to tell yourself how horrible you are. It’s about getting to know yourself better every day, accepting and embracing your characteristics piece by piece and working on the things you see as your flaws. Again, being comfortable in your skin is a lifetime work in progress.

I want to make my life about myself. Life is like a story you’re writing. Every day gives you a new chance to follow your dreams and to figure out who you are and what you want do. I want my life to be exactly about that.

I want to get to know myself, work on myself, make my dreams come alive. I want to break the nonexistent limits that society made up and somehow found their way into my head. So for me, life is about growing beyond myself and being empowered.

An empowered woman to me is a woman who listens, teaches, spreads her opinion and does whatever the fuck she feels like doing- as long as she isn’t hurting anyone but men’s egos ;-)

An empowered woman never lets herself be limited by another person.

Johanna Punz is a Vienna-based model and content creator. To see more of her work, you can follow her work on Instagram @vodkahilftnimmer.