Vilma Aliukonyté

"I want to empower the never ending beauty, which is captured through the lens of forever. To make others see what I see. To make others feel what I feel."



Featured interview with photographer Vilma Aliukonyté who has a great appreciation for nature, her work focuses on capturing our connection to nature and the human essence.


What made you become a photographer and how did this journey start for you? 

Photography has been one of my biggest passions ever since I was young. I started exploring it when I was in high-school. Fragile and temporary beauty that surrounds us has always fascinated me and I was looking for the ways on how to make others experience it too. My style has changed a lot overtime, before I was more into fashion photography and architecture. Whereas now I am into nature photography, with a twist of a human essence. Photography for me is like meditation, a liberating practice that makes me lose myself in the space of time.

What are the things that excite you the most about photography? 

Photography has always fascinated me. It is important to experience and connect in a way to be able to relive and deliver the deepest essence, which penetrates us human beings. We all have our own little things that please our heart, nourish our brain and feed our soul.  Its shapes, colors, sharp edges, vivid shades of feeling, that takes our breath away, which infiltrates and makes us feel alive.

I want to empower the never ending beauty, which is captured through the lens of forever. To make others see what I see. To make others feel what I feel. I want to take people to a universe where they have never been before. It is my escape form from this world. It makes me feel alive and free. I get lost in it and loose myself completely. That is what excites me the most about photography. Connection with the nature, with people and with myself.

What message do you want to convey through your work? 

Nature and human essence are the two main topics that my photography explores. I believe that we as human beings became disconnected from the nature and for me it is important to bring that feeling back, create a beautiful reminder of where we came from.

We try to enhance our daily surroundings by natural aspects; we try to bring the nature home. I want to bring people back to their inner self and to their inner nature that they might have forgotten or is still trying to explore. Being comfortable in your own skin, vulnerable, real – are the most important aspects for me.

You did a photo series for us at Bare, what was the starting point for the shoot and how did the process go? 

The process for me was very natural. It is like the ideas come to my head naturally. I already had a location in my mind and people I was about to photograph.  I was waiting for the perfect moment to create, as the situation in Spain was very strict at the time due to the COVID-19. When the things started getting better, I took my chance. It was a beautiful day at the beach of Sant Pol de Mar, with a group of my good friends. It was our first time going to the beach after the lockdown. It was a very special moment as it was one of the very fists photoshoots I have had this season under such circumstances. 

We like to ask all people we come across this question because the answer is always so diverse: what is your take on sustainability?

Sustainability has so many aspects within. I believe every little matter. It is a lifestyle one has to pursue, not a trend. I wished I’ve taken sustainable practices more seriously. I could call myself a conscious consumer as I think twice before buying.  Sustainability has to be a norm.

Which are your daily sustainability practices? 

It might sound funny, but I try to walk as much as possible. What is more, I recycle and reuse, it is very important to me. To give a second life to pieces that might not be in use anymore. I always carry a refill bottle and a canvas bag, to reduce my daily use of plastic. I support local markets while buying organic and locally grown food.

Finally, if you could give 3 sustainability tips to our readers, what would those be? 

Little things matter. Start small. Be sharp and set an example to others. Speak up and I am sure you will be heard. Look around and see from where you can begin.

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