Empowerement Stories: Luna Pettersson

For our second article of the "Empowerment Stories" series we interviewed Fiiri Agency model Luna to tell her story and ask her about her view on women empowerment. 


Hey Luna! Say a few words about yourself.

Hi! I’m Luna, 19 years old from Sweden (Kalmar). I recently became a model for Fiiri Agency and I’m testing my wings in this industry! I’m a happy, hardworking woman who loves to spend time with her family and friends and to travel the world (pre Corona).

What’s your favourite desert? 

I looooove key lime pie!

Which fashion trend will definitely come back? 

Even more from the 90’s, hopefully! ;)

When was the last time you felt empowered? Tell us your story.

The last time I felt empowered was when I made a big modeling job. I was able to show my friends that your dreams can come true if you believe in it and put in the extra hours. I felt so blessed to have such amazing friends to support me in every decision I make and to be able to give back by representing us as young females of color in media. 


How do you empower other women? 

Mainly I would say by the way I treat myself, when my energy and mindset are positive it feels like a lot of people around me also gets into the same vibe. I want to be a good person and spread joy around me, by spreading all of these ideas and this energy I feel like it often encourages other women to open their eyes and collect strength for what the future has to give them. To know your own worth and never settle down for less, small daily reminders makes a huge difference.

How can your industry of work make women feel more empowered according to you? 

The model industry has for years been something I always dreamed of doing but never thought I would have the opportunity. To see that this industry is making a change of including a larger diversity than ever before it’s something I feel empowered by being a part of. It’s not just about me, I believe that others especially women of color feel some type of relief that we finally are being heard and more opportunities are coming our way to support us. For example, being a part of Fiiri Agency, only that it’s a statement that gives so much hope to other women and POC. To see that this industry is making a change, where we no longer have to adapt to a beauty standard that doesn’t include us, instead showing a bigger and better picture of what also can be defined as beauty, by showing ourselves. 

What would you tell your younger self ?

I would definitely tell my younger self to not be scared of being different, it’s going to be your strength and to trust the process. Everything happens for a reason, enjoy life and make it extra because they are already looking.

To see more of Luna, you can follow her journey on Instagram @lunapeterssonn .